my "normal" is MY "normal"

Francesco is a versatile and well researched storyteller who uses film & photography as his primary creative mediums. His work transcends languages & cultures, to entertain, engage and educate a broad audience.

He has the rare advantage of creative "aspie-power"; which enables him to confidently and honestly speak his mind, focus intently on work and be highly determined with a strong sense of social justice. 

He shares such traits with the likes of Greta Thunberg & Stanley Kubrick.

(Learn more about Aspergers)

From these qualities, stem his particular interests in the social education sector including his passion to raise awareness for less voiced topics.

He has traveled across 5 continents so far with projects.


Francesco is very vocal and encouraging when it comes to raising public awareness and sharing knowledge - he is a confident speaker, experienced critic and proud events-host.

He co-founded a kids storytelling workshop and and is the principle mind behind an international film festival. He enjoys creating exciting and welcoming environments for people of all ages to feel at home.

Please visit the current projects page for relevant links.

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