Francesco is an internationally experienced filmmaker/photographer. He has been in the motion picture sector for over 10 years. He has made many shorts and feature works around the world. Most notably he has earned 4 awards, 4 nominations and stacked up well over 240K online views with his films. 



Parmeet is an internationally recognised artist and pattern designer. She has exhibited globally and always includes an element of psychology in her work to affect the viewer's thoughts. As a reiki practitioner she is very calm and positive minded, she is incredibly encouraging and has experience inspiring youths with their own creativity.

Their main languages are: English, Italian, Punjabi, Hindi. They both hold DBS's.


Our workshops begin with a short session of interactive warm-up Art.

Storytellers will be given a small amount of cinema history to digest, followed by a screening of several early short films and they will be advised of the 10 main rules necessary to tell a great story.

Depending on the session (private/group/online etc) Storytellers will either be offered a choice of existing classic stories to re-create (such as the examples in the video below showcasing a private session), or in the group introductory sessions they will be given a variety of simple original scenarios to work on and they will be guided throughout the process.

There will be a cooling-off Art session active and Films will be edited on site and screened for the whole panel, silent and black/white - just like the old films they were shown.

Please note: During the introductory session smart-phones will be used to shoot the films. 

Story and image composition are the key focuses here - more so than the technology used.

During our intensive courses, DSLRs will be used and the quality of outcomes will significantly increase.

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