On Friday April 2nd 2021, it will be

World Autism Awareness Day 

Be in a film alongside Dr Temple Grandin

If you and/or someone very close to you are on the Autism Spectrum, we want to have you involved in our film. And it is incredibly simple to do so: On April 2nd, take your camera or camera-phone and record your day, your thoughts, feelings, challenges, anything slightly personal, any autism related message for the world, and send it to us.

Please try to answer the following information and questions in the video:

Please introduce yourself as much as you can and tell us where you are


1) How do you describe Autism?

2) What diagnosis of Autism do you have? 

3) When (and where - country) were you first diagnosed?

4) What's the worst way in which Autism affects you?

5) What's the best way in which Autism affects you?

6) Today is world autism awareness day, how are you marking this day?

7) Tell me about an obsession of yours, if you have one?

     7b)  Would you give us a sample of a special skill you have?

8) What would you consider your greatest achievement in life so far?

9) Which is your favourite word?

In Fall 2021, we shall present this film as a collection of all the memories we can fit in the film.

Anyone who makes it in the final film will automatically get an IMDb credit!


Technical specs:

1) Shoot HD resolution if you can (minimum 720p, 1080p, or 4K)

2) If you really don’t want to appear in the film, you can record a clear audio clip

3) Shoot landscape if you can (frame the wide side, especially with your phone!)

4) Speak into the microphone, avoid rubbing a finger over the mic (use a clip-on mic if you can)

5) You can send us the files and your release form via 

6) Each video file must be titled:

"fridAy_2April_AdultFirstName_AdultLastName_(or Minor)_SubmissionDate(dd/mm/yy)"


1) Anyone who sends us footage does so voluntarily, this is a labour of awareness and love.

2) Anyone who sends us footage, hands all distribution rights of the footage to us.

3) If the main participant is a minor, parental/legal guardian participation is mandatory.

4) We will only review video files accompanied by appropriate release forms (below) in the same transfer.

Adult Release form     Minor Release form

Please upload your video file/s and release forms free to and send to franbori(at) 

We are available to answer any query you may have.

DM on social media or email with subject "fridAy"

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